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Systems Integration and Custom Design

We provide the following types of data collection Hardware and Software 

  • Portable Data Collection Terminals

  • MS DOS Based Hardware

  • Ethernet Compatible Systems

  • Portable Ethernet RF Data Hardware

  • MS Excel® Compatible Software

  • System Integration Services

  • Custom Programming

We provide Application Engineering Assistance to speed the integration of the hardware and/or software into your operation.

Some Sample Applications Include:

  • Work in Process Transactions

  • Inventory Moves to Production

  • Production to Finished Goods

  • Incoming Raw Material

  • Put Away, Picking, Packing or Shipping

We can automate the process and speed the flow of data into your system with error free transactions.

If your application requires Real Time Data Collection we can integrate the Portable Data Collection Process into your existing system without changing your software or your work process. 


Computing Platforms:

We will integrate data collection into your system if your platform is:

  • PC Based System, UNIX, Windows NT, HP, VAX, AIX, or Linux

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