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Scales and Systems


Now you can have the indicator fit the project instead of having to change your project to accommodate the indicator. 

Fully programmable, this indicator is smart enough to prompt the operator through the process and check the inputs to make sure that everything is being filled correctly.

Finally, when the batch is complete, the indicator can send the results off to your computer, PLC or some other data collection device.  Wireless data transmission is available with this model.



Key Benefits

  • Operator Prompting

  • Error Checking

  • Wireless Data Transmission


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Example of how indicator can be used



Smart Batching Indicator allows User Control

Requirements change on the fly so, the indicator must adjust to changing needs

December, 2001


Our customer had a unique batching requirement.  Batching three ingredients, the amount of the second and third ingredients was based upon the delivered amount of the first ingredient.  Plus, the ratio between ingredient 1 and ingredients 2 & 3 would change based upon the product being batched. 



The Smart Indicator would prompt the operator for the ratios between ingredient 1 and ingredients 2 & 3.

Then the indicator was smart enough to change the desired amounts for ingredient 2 & 3 based upon the delivered amount of ingredient 1.

This system has been in and operating for over two years and the customer states that he saved enough in scrap costs in the first 5 months to pay for the system and then ordered another for his second line.



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