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Bar Code Systems and Applications


Portable Data Collection comes of age with this new design. 
You can have your cake and eat it too!

Start with a batch terminal and add RF when your needs change.

Two PCMCIA Slots in this device allow you to add:

  • RF Radio Card when you need it.

  • Modem Card when you need it.   

  • Ethernet Card (Wired or Wireless)



10 Megabytes of Memory
MSDOS 6.22 Operating System
"C" Programmable or use the Program Generator Software




Example of how customers use this equipment


Petroleum Distributor adds Portable Data Collectors

Using Apex III Portable Data Terminals, the petroleum distributor is able to eliminate paper work and speed up the delivery, reporting and invoicing process.


January 17, 2002

The Distributor entered the following data into the MS Access Database:   

  • Customer's Identification Data

  • Customer's Vehicle Data

  • Fuel Types

When all of the data for all of the customers is in the database, the data is then downloaded to the Portable Data Terminals


All data for all customers is in all of the Portable Data Terminals, eliminating the need for separate terminals for each customer.


Customers and Customer Vehicles are identified with the use of barcodes on delivery reports and vehicles.

The delivery drivers then take the Portable Data Terminals with them, to capture the amount of fuel dispensed to each vehicle.  The total amount dispensed by customer and the invoice is computed by the Portable Data Terminal at the end of the delivery cycle.


At the end of the day, the delivery driver returned to the office and uploaded his deliveries into the database.

By eliminating the need for written tickets and manual data entry, the Petroleum Distributor is able to provide his customers with the following reports, which were faxed to the customer, upon request without generating any paperwork.

  • Daily Usage Reports by Vehicle

  • Weekly Usage Reports by Vehicle

  • Monthly Usage Reports by Vehicle

As new vehicles were added to the customers fleet, the Portable Data Terminals would inform the office of the new vehicle and that data is added to the database.

The Distributor stated that they realized their ROI within four months.


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