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Gather Ye Data while Ye May,


or was that Rosebuds?


Wait a minute that was a sled wasn’t it?


OK, you have the data, NOW WHAT??






















  Palm Applications


Well, if you gathered your data using your Palm Pilot you can place the Palm Pilot in the docking station and HotSync your data directly into your application.


If not, then you will be deciphering the written word and keyboarding the data into your application for a while.


We have developed applications that include:      

§      Inventory Control for the Tavern Owner

§      Pick and Pack

§      Periodic Inspection

§      Calibration Reporting

§      ISO 17025 Reporting

§      Route Delivery

§      and many others

Many of these applications can work with your existing legacy software.


  Eliminate the paper chase!


Field Transactions

·      Variable Test Point Value(s)

·      Select Customer ID

·      Enter Operator ID

·      Enter Service Order #

·      Select Equipment

·      Enter Calibration Data 

·      Review and Verify Data with Customer

·      Signature Capture

·      Add Customers

·      Add Equipment

Office Transactions:

·      Report Generation

                   *Calibration Reports

                   *Customer Listing

                   *Equipment Listing

                   *Equipment History Reports

·      Design & Generate Your Own Reports

·      Add/Edit Customers

·      Enter Calibration Data Manually


·      Transfer of Data is Quick and Easy

·      Select Data for Transfer

·      New Customer or Equipment Data added automatically


·      Data is secure

·      Only Authorized Personnel have access


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